I am Rose Nibagwire from Gisagara, Rwanda. I have a batchelors degree in agriculture and in 2018 I completed by PDC with Sector39. I have since carried on to lead on a community permaculture project based at Save School and am the founder member of Rwandan Women’s Permaculture.

I have the ambition to take permaculture to the next level in my country and see it as a tool which can help alleviate poverty and also to respond to climate change.

This is me in March 2022 with Gerald and Steve from S39 Academy of permaculture. We have been working as a team since jan 2020 to develop gardens and training at the local high school Save School. In March 2022 I hosted the s39 team over a two week period where we delivered training at the school and also worked on our project plan.

Save school has over 1,000 students and is an exemplary school in the area, so it has been a great experience to work with them, however more importantly our women’s group has grown out from this work and this is what I hope to build on next. It is vitally important to include women in permaculture and all development work and this group is open to all, but works for the inclusion of women as a priority.


rose with S39 team

Please consider supporting our work in anyway you can. we undersand how much competition there is for dontation and help, but even small amounts go a long way for us. We are always looking for funds to help us run courses and then to support the trainees with seeds, tools and work ware. These are consistently the things that hold people back from progress and help in thee areas really goes a long way.

We have had this campaign running the back ground for a while now, in the hope of finding a big doner or long term supporter but the payments that have reached us so far have been really useful and have served to support people across the network, so please realise how much we are gratgeful for the support we have received so far.

Steven Jones, Director S39A

The priority for RWP is that we wnat to buy land. Even a small plot of an acre or two would be life changing for us. Rwanda is a small mountainous nation and farm land is at a premium. We hope to establish ahd training and demonstration garden that we can use to generate plants, cuttings and seedlings for all of our members and in that way we can really help the spread of permaculture in Rwanda.

Rose Nibagwire