I am the director and founder of the PermoAfrica training centre in Homa Bay Kenya. We have set ourselves the target of eradicating food poverty in Homa Bay county, using permaculture design, community gardens and through inspiring individuals to take action at a community level. I completed my PDC with S39 in 2016 and have since worked with them on the 2017 and 2018 PDC’s as well as the refugee project in West Nile region also in 2018.

In recent years we have began an our outreach project offering training to a network of communities in the Homa bay area. We have helped over 30 local communities to start community garden and trained 100’s of participants. I am hopiing we can track the progress of these trainees through this website. Keeping a record of achievements and progress is so important for this work to grow.

Recent visit to new garden developed by one of our students

This 5 minute video serves an introduction to our work. It was produced for the Scottish Universities Insight Institute — a collection of universities with an interest in community gardening and the process of how people come together to help meet needs.

We are really grateful to the team who put this together and to SUII for their interest in our work.  It tells the story of how the Wales – Africa link really worked for us and helped provide the training and momentum we needed to develop our ideas and to create the momentum to kick start this project. If nothing else we have learned the importance of collaboration and also of sharing the outcomes from the work to inspire and inform others.

Winning investment in community permaculture

Please consider supporting our work in anyway you can. we undersand how much competition there is for dontation and help, but even small amounts go a long way for us. We are always looking for funds to help us run courses and then to support the trainees with seeds, tools and work ware. These are consistently the things that hold people back from progress and help in thee areas really goes a long way.

We have had this campaign running the back ground for a while now, in the hope of finding a big doner or long term supporter but the payments that have reached us so far have been really useful and have served to support people across the network, so please realise how much we are grateful for the support we have received so far.