Welcome from Deborah

Please visit the blog pages to see the 10 designs I am working on for my Permaculture Portfolio.

I completed my PDC with Sector39 and EUPO in September 2020 and I am already an active teacher and involved in local groups, included starting our own group Teso Advanced Permaculture Association – TAPA.

I want to formally complete my Diploma in Permaculture design working with S39 and the team. As a tutor and leader in my own community to help permaculture spread there, I also hope I can inspire people around the world to see what permaculture has to offer.

This is a log of the work I am engaged with promoting permaculture in my community and also around the world. I believe we can all inspire change from where we are and by working togther we can create new possibilities.

Deborah Aluka, April 2022 

(paraphrased by Steve Jones)