This is my work as a permaculture teacher

Hi I am Rama, I am a permaculture teacher and trainee, Busia Uganda.

This is a log of my work with permaculture with my community and my own personal journey as part of my training and support from the S39Academy of permaculture.

  • my aim is to attain my Diploma in Permaculture Design

 I hope I can learn how to bring permaculture to any community anywhere in the world and have began this process in home are here on the Uganda/ Kenya border.

Here is one of my neighbours who has been inspired to start a permacutlure garden of her own. She is growing many things there, including papaya, banana and mango but also many vegetables as well.

This is a good example of how permaculture can help families in almost any setting and aso one of the things that has imnspired me to go further as a teacher of permaculture

People around the neighbourhood have become inspired to begin cultivating using organic methods and permaculture. I intend to continue to learn as a teacher and help reach more people with knowledge. I have already run permaculture courses and events i nteh area and help start Permaculture for Sustainable households group. SLowly as my reputation grows people are more aware of my work.

As time allows I hope to build up a comprehensive record of the work I am doing and this will from the basis of my CV as a permaculture teacher.

Working with community members around me inspires me to want to teach more.

I can see young community members around me learning to see permaculture and understanding it as a tool they really benefit from.

A great exampple of this is Letitia she is the daughter our of neighbours and she already loves permaculture so much. She has started her own gardens and also has travelled to Kenya to visit the PermoAfrica training centre. She was really inspired by the visit and she is wanting to know more and more about permaculture. She is grateful to Arkleton trust and Sector39 for this opportunity.