Welcome to my home page

Welcome to my home page, I am Stella Amuge and I have been working with S39 since 2020. I first started as an intern as part of my degree in sustainable development and I have since become more and more involved in permaculture.

I graduated from Makarere University in Kampala, Uganda in 2022, and I have worked on project evaluation for several projects during my time as a student, building up my experience.

I have completed a PDC in 2020 in Kumi, where I also help facilitate the training and since then i have been visiting projects and their key people collating feedback. Our aim is to help us understand the outcomes from the training and how we can be more effective. Through this case study evidence we intend to build the case for permaculture and encourage more training and investment.

I feel like I am starting a big journey in permaculture and I have already witnessed first hand how much permaculture has so much to offer here in East Africa. We hope to contribute to a global response to the climate emergency. I plan to build a log of my project evaluation and visits here which I hope will inspire others to learn more about permaculture and how we can work in harmony with each other in support of the natural world.