Rwandan Women's Permaculture

I am Rose Nibagwire from Gisagara, Rwanda. I have a batchelors degree in agriculture and in 2018 I completed by PDC with Sector39. I have since carried on to lead on a community permaculture project based at Save School and am the founder member of Rwandan Women’s Permaculture.

I have the ambition to take permaculture to the next level in my country and see it as a tool which can help alleviate poverty and also to respond to climate change.

This is me in March 2022 with Gerald and Steve from S39 Academy of permaculture. We have been working as a team since Jan 2020 to develop gardens and training at the local high school Save School. In March 2022 I hosted the s39 team over a two week period where we delivered PDC training at the school and also worked on our project plan.

With no food there is no life
Rose Nibagwire
Permaculture Designer

Gisagara district, Southern Rwanda

I live in the Southern region of Rwanda in Gisagara district. This is the most densely populated rural area of Rwanda and Rwanda is also one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. We are mainly farmers, I think as many of 90% of people derive their main income from farming so this is central to us.

Permaculture is bring new idea, inspiration and support to so many people, our ambition is to make this grow and to reach many more. We hope that through the RWP group, permaculture and by being part of the academy we can transform our region.

There are many especially children here who do not get the essential nutrients they need for their development. This problem will hold our whole country back if we do not address it. The government are promoting many schemes to improve nutrition but it is also down to us to lead in these areas.