Portfolios, view work of our founder members

S39 co-ordination team

Steve Jones, founder, lead tutor, head of studies

Steve Jones, Wales

Gerald Jagwe, finance director, on line studies developer

Gerald Jagwe, UK/ UG

Stella Amuge, project evaluation, safegaurding anchor

Stella Amuge, UG

S39 Academy founding member Portfolios

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As partners, mentors and friends we exist to support each other to develop as teachers and leaders in our chosen field through on-going permaculture education.

It is also intended for these portfolios to serve as evidence of achievement and towards a Full Diploma in Permaculture Design certified by S39A.

Paul Ogola, Kenya

Rose Nibagwire, Gisagara, Rwanda

Deborah Aluka,Teso, Uganda

Aramadhan Mutebi, Busia, UG

Ali Tebandeke, Butambala, Uganda

Tesfahun Fitamo, Ethiopia

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Joseph Opolot, Ngora, UG

Vicky Akello, Gulu, UG

permaculture group

Clovis Ntafakabiri, DR Congo

Phase 1 portfolios
  • Aramadhan Mutebi Busia, Uganda
  • Rose Nibagwire Gisagara, Rwanda
  • Deborah Aluka Teso, Uganda
  • Ali Tebandeke Butambala, Uganda
  • Paul Ogola Homa bay, Kenya
  • Tesfahun Fitamo Ethiopia

  • Phase 2
  • Joseph Opolot Teso, Uganda
  • Vicky Akello Gulu,Uganda
  • Isaac Amuriat TAPA, Uganda
  • Godfrey Opolot Teso, Uganda
  • Noah Opio Homa bay, Kenya
  • Clovis Ntafakabirhi Kampala Uganda
  • We are investing in permaculture leaders and teachers

    Please consider supporting our work in anyway you can. We undersand how much competition there is for donations and so many needy causes, but even small amounts go a long way for us. Fresh funds enable us to run permaculture courses and then to support the trainees with seeds, tools and work ware. These are consistently the things that hold people back from progress and help in these areas really goes a long way. We are using these blogs to track the progress and outcomes of these investments and build the credentials of our members.

    We have had this campaign running the back ground for a while now, in the hope of finding a big doner or long term supporter but the payments that have reached us so far have been really useful and have served to support people across the network, so please realise how much we are grateful for the support we have recieved so far and much every single penny counts.

    Steven Jones

    rwandan womens permaculture grauates
    PDC Graduates at Gisagara Rwanda