The girl who paid her own school fees

Feedback from ‘Lockdown permaculture’ from Busia this student studied permaculture last year with Rama mutebi and support by donatons through GoFundMe. This year we ar told she is able to pay her own schoool fees fromt eh roduce she was grown on her garden. What a fastastic testament to Rama’s teacher and to her […]

Academy blog

The plan is to use the academy blog to highlight some of the entries and stories into the academy database. There are students and projects all over East Africa contributing building the story of permaculure and its spread a cross the region and I really hope by sharing these outcomes we can support, inform and […]

What is permaculture?

s39a banner

People is the thing that gives me the most hope in the face of the climate emergency. The world has to change fast, and we need to act in such a way as to hae a combined positive impact on the global ecology. make no mistake about it, we are in a crisis, and 1.2 […]

Promoting Permaculture to the world

A peer to peer academy offering leadership in a different way There is clearly no single solution to the climate change problem but facing the challange will require a joined up response. As the doomsday clock ticks it is becoming ever clearer that our leaders and corporates will not be trailblazing the way forward. Vested […]

S39A, permaculture peer to peer training

Time for new leaders, new ideas and new goals. permaculture is a powerful tool for change Previous Next How much good news to do we hear coming out of Africa? There is the permanent disaster that is Africa a narrative we have all been tuned into here in the West. This is far from the […]

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