Carl Sagan was not wrong

Carl Sagan was a brilliant communicator of science and here is his clear and honest appraisal of the climate problem presented to to US congress in 1985. It is fascinating to consider the challanges facing us, from the persepctive of back then, the year afrer I graduated with a degree in sustainable development, and a time when it seemed inevitable that the world would turn to follow the advice laid out here by the great Carl Sagan.

Nothing that he says here is wrong and his view from the present day is deeply prescient.

It is hard to fathom but nearly 40 years on, the economic sphere has still not absorbed the harsh realites described here as the ‘greenhouse effect’. When politics didn’t like what science had to say, science started to be pushed out of the political sphere.

S39 academy of Permaculture wants to create the possibility of a generation new leaders, teachers, pioneers who can accelerate the transition to regenerative economy. 

Truth is, we do indeed need to develop a global view and a co-ordinated plan in response to this colossal threat, as Sagan notes.

Not a top down imposed view but a permaculture world view, one shaped by a set of tools informed by ecology and which steers us to find the unique and relevant reponses specific to our selves and our communities in any particular situation.

The rules of nature are clearly defined and uncompromising, but what can be created within those rules is potentially unlimited. Welcome to permaculture design.

"If we don't do the right things now, there are some very serious problems our children and grandchildren will have to face"
Carl Sagan
Scientist, speaking to congress in 1985

Supporting permaculture pioneers

Please consider supporting our work in anyway you can. we undersand how much competition there is for dontation and help, but even small amounts go a long way for us. We are always looking for funds to help us run courses and then to support the trainees with seeds, tools and work ware. These are consistently the things that hold people back from progress and help in thee areas really goes a long way.

We have had this campaign running the back ground for a while now, in the hope of finding a big doner or long term supporter but the payments that have reached us so far have been really useful and have served to support people across the network, so please realise how much we are gratgeful for the support we have received so far.

Pictured left, permaculture training in Rwanda March 2022, S39 trainer Gerald Jagwe leads on a low energy stove making in Gisagara district.

Steven Jones

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