Hi I am Tebandeke Ali and I am the founder of Butambala permaculture centre. This is my permaculture portfolio of some of the work I have been doing since I completed my PDC with S39 in 2017.

I have commitment to building stronger and connected community and offering leadership inthese areas. Permaculture design is brilliant framework to work with and it is useful to in so many ways.

I have the ambition to train many more teachers and leaders in permaculture in Uganda and hopefully contribute to a global change in how we relate to both communty and environment.

I am also involved in urban permaculture in Nateete, we interacted with the youth to start street collection for composting, and we restored some of the public spaces in our busy crowded urban centre. This started a chain reaction that has to led to urban growing and food production projects following on using the same ideas and inspiration.

I have also visited and studied in South Africa and in 2020hvw helped build permaculture training networks with pioneers I connected with there.

I am really excited to connect with and help build a global permaculture community.

Ali Tebandeke