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steve teaching in Rwanda
Rwanda, March '22: Permaculture offers a framework of understanding to bring communities together through meeting mutual resource needs in simple, practical and attainable ways.

Training the trainers

Can we enable a million new permaculture teachers through peer to peer learning, mentoring and support?

S39A is a training network, supporting permaculture teachers and pioneers through partnership

  • Food and livelihood security
  • Community enterprise and co-operation
  • Biodivisty protection and enhancement
  • Soil building and habitat regeneration
  • Ecology, biology, economy
  • Regeneration and repair of degraded landscapes

More about Sector39

Gerald, Rose and Steve teaching at Save School, Rwanda March 2022


The Academy of Permaculture

  • Supporting teachers and leaders in permaculture,
  •  S39/ Uganda collaboration, since 2011
  • Case studies, feedback and evaluation

From those origins has arisen a teacher network across East Africa which already has a life of its own, with trainees innovating across the region.

Founder Steven Jones has been teaching permaculture and developing permaculture projects since 1991 and Sector39 came about in 2005. 

The name is derived from the rooftop forest garden at RISC, 39 London Street, Reading, where our career in permaculture began. Sector39 and was formed as a vehicle for permaculture education based initially on the lessons learned from that project.

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What is Sector39?

Created in 2005 S39 is a space where permaculture enthusiasts come together to learn from each other, gain project experience and find the inspiration create more initiatives.

In 2006 S39 began teaching the 12-day, (72 hour) permaculture design course, which in turn created a network of trainees and practitioners of people passionate about putting permaculture into action, who were connected through the common root of S39.

Permaculture training connects farms, community projects and other pioneering venues with a pioneering people with ideas and enthusiasm for regeneration.

Since our first PDC in 2006S39 has delivered close to 50 more, but now our own students are becoming mature practitioners in their own right.

In 2016 s39 taught their first PDC in Uganda  this was a big development for all concerned and the S39 Academy has grown from that work.

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"We wanted to build on the lessons learned developing this wonderful garden at the RISC centre in Reading and took the 39 from their address, 39 London Street and the principle of a sector from permaculture, which can be defined as a wild energy or natural force, it seemed appropriate.
Steve Jones
S39 founder

Nature speaks to us through its patterns and principles and these insights are universal

Our experience is that people from anywhere the world quickly grasp the ideas at the heart of permaculture especially when they begin to apply them to themselves and their surroundings. It take an initial investment of training and support, but quickly new initiatives build a life of their own.

Permaculture really works!

3 minute introduction to the Academy of Permaculture by Steve Jones.

We are currently supporting 12 of our trainees to reach the Diploma in Permaculture Design level, the target with in our current ‘Voices from the Margins’ project in partnership with Arkleton trust in UK. Beyond this initial scope we hope to create 1000’s of new permaculture teachers, leaders and pioneers, if not hundreds of thousands as that is what it required!

We have been working with permaculture pioneers in East Africa since 2016 building on a decade of teaching here in UK. It is from this work that this initiative and grown out from as we have witnessed how quickly and effectively  students have began their own initiatives after training. We want to be able to support, encourage and learn from this process.

Please consider supporting our work

Please consider supporting our work in anyway you can. we undersand how much competition there is for dontation and help, but even small amounts go a long way for us. We are always looking for funds to help us run courses and then to support the trainees with seeds, tools and work ware. These are consistently the things that hold people back from progress and help in thee areas really goes a long way.

We have had this campaign running the back ground for a while now, in the hope of finding a big doner or long term supporter but the payments that have reached us so far have been really useful and have served to support people across the network, so please realise how much we are gratgeful for the support we have received so far.

Steven Jones

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